Mehrzüger 2005 

Ralf Krätschmer
Milan R.Vukcevich 
Memorial 2004
StrateGems 2005
3. Preis


1. Td3? Te2+ 2. Ka3 Lc1#
1. Ld6 Txd6 2. Td3 Te2+ 3. Ka3 Lc1+ 4. Kb4 Ld2+ 5. Kb5 Te3/Le3 6. Tg5/Se5#

The Berlin theme requires a thematical try in which White is mated, here 1. Td3? Te2+ 2. Ka3 Lc1# and a fore-plan by which the mating is down-grated to a check .
1. Ld6 ( 2. h3#) Txd6 2. Td3 Te2+ 3. Ka3 Lc1+ (now only a check) 4. Kb4 Ld2+ 5. Kb5 
Surprisingly, the black checks turn out to be critical moves for the Grimshaw 5. .... Te3/Le3 6. Tg5/Se5# 
Since critical moves extend and deepen the Grimshaw I rate them as belonging to the theme. Hence the theme is directing all the play of this problem, even if there is only one Grimshaw on move 5. So far as I know, this is the first problem in which the Berlin theme and critical moves for a Grimshaw are connected.
(Preisrichter Hans Peter Rehm im Preisbericht)