Titel der CD-ROMTHE database for your chess problem collection with many different option.
Here is a short description of it´s features:
-search for Authors, Sources, Date, Keywords, Patterns, Genre, Positions,
Pieces, Stipulations and some other topics or any combinations of these
- Export of the data to HTML, Popeye, LaTeX or ASCII format for your
convenience (articles...)
- Sort indexed data by authors, dates sources, number of pieces...
- Define positions and find them by rotating, mirroring or translating automatically
- Use pre-defined Statitics to spice up your articles...
- Open more than one window to follow more than one train of thought ;-)
- the complete Niemann-collection of helpmates on CD!
- nearly 9000 additional Retro´s!
- the newest Popeye solving program (version 3.56 first published in Andernach 1999)!
- free of installation routines: just run it from CD !
- additional "empty" database for your own collections! (with easy-to-use setup program!)
- fullscale search options for best results!
- Windows 95/98/NT
- 133 MHz processor
- min 32 MB RAM
- CD-ROM min 8x
- VGA graphics adapter (min 640x480 dpi)

Aktuelle Informationen gibt es auf der Homepage